Smokeless tobacco product is an umbrella term that refers to tobacco products that are not burned and smoked through the mouth or nose for consumption; in terms of use behavior, refers to tobacco products that are used in a non-smoking manner. Including: chewing tobacco, dry snuff, moist snuff (also known as snus), cream cigarettes. Two relatively common types of smokeless tobacco products are briefly described below.

Dry snuff, taking American dry snuff as an example, is made from fermented flue-cured tobacco, and the finished product is powder with a moisture content between 4% and 6%. Originally the snuff was ingested by nasal inhalation and was called "Scottish snuff".

Moist snuff, also known as snus, is a relatively mainstream type of smokeless tobacco product in the world. It is a wet or semi-moist powder tobacco product that can be packaged in a tea bag similar to but smaller than a tea bag. It is placed in a non-woven bag, placed behind the lips and between the gums, generally for half an hour to an hour.

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At present, there are three common snus products on the market, namely American dry snus, American moist snuff, and Swedish snus (snus). These products all use tobacco as the main raw material and are made under different process conditions.

American moist snuff is a fermented product, which is divided into small bags like tea bags, usually placed between the gums and cheeks. American moist snuff is usually made of air-cured and flue-cured tobacco with coarser particles. The production process of moist snuff tobacco is finely or long-cut after mixing and fermenting, and then packaged into small bags. American moist snuff is now the most popular cigarette in the United States.

Swedish moist snuff "snus" is finely ground moist tobacco that is heated through a process similar to pasteurization and sold in bulk or in sachets for use between the upper lip and upper gums. The nicotine content of "snus" is similar to that of cigarettes. Each sachet contains 0.4 to 1.5 grams of tobacco, with a water content of about 50%. It can be placed directly in the mouth without chewing or sucking.

The products independently researched and developed by Shanghai Tobacco Group mainly adopt the production process of Swedish moist snuff, and the taste style is mainly fruity, which is easily accepted by domestic consumers. It not only ensures the original taste of the product, but also effectively prolongs the shelf life of the product.


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