"As a production, processing and service-oriented enterprise, redrying enterprises must insist on providing customers with first-class, efficient and high-quality services, always thinking about what customers want and worrying about their needs." When it comes to enterprise development, Yunnan Tobacco Redrying Co., Ltd. Liao Shiyong, secretary of the party committee and general manager of the responsible company, said.

In recent years, Juli has provided customers with professional and personalized services. Yunnan Tobacco Leaf Redrying Co., Ltd. has accurately grasped the corporate positioning, aimed at the needs of brand characteristics, and made every effort to make a good service "combination punch" to promote the high-quality development of the enterprise.

Grasp the demand and unify the standard

"On the basis of standardization and standardization of professional and personalized services, enterprises can run more steadily and go further." Liao Shiyong said.

In 2021, in order to build a standardized and standardized customer service mechanism, Yunnan Tobacco Leaf Redrying Company actively discussed and brainstormed, innovated customer service management models and mechanisms, and formulated the "Implementation Plan for High-Quality Development of Customer Service", based on product quality and service quality. As the main line, improve customer service experience and promote the standardization of full-staff service.

Based on the actual work, the redrying plants affiliated to Yunnan Tobacco Redrying Company have formulated specific plans with both commonality and individuality according to the implementation plan, and further optimized the standard service process of "one-stop service" and "one-to-one service". The first-inquiry first-hand responsibility system is implemented among employees, and a long-term mechanism for customer service management is explored.

The Party Committee of Yunnan Tobacco Redrying Company knows that in order to keep up with the brand development trend of cigarette industry enterprises, it is necessary to accurately grasp customer needs and provide customers with customized innovative services.

To this end, they subdivide customer needs, establish short-term, medium-term and long-term service plans, and implement the transformation and upgrading of process equipment according to the individual needs of industrial enterprises such as modular formula, slim cigarettes, and enzyme feeding, forming "one customer, one file". , won the praise of industrial enterprises.

In order to improve service capabilities and service quality, Yunnan Tobacco Redrying Company actively connects with relevant industrial and commercial enterprises, reorganizes process nodes, business standards and related costs, clarifies process and service specifications, and provides “menu-style” services for industrial and commercial enterprises to facilitate customers.” Each takes what he needs”, which further improves the quality of personalized service.

Focus on quality and practice internal skills

Yunnan Tobacco Leaf Redrying Co., Ltd. takes the improvement of process quality and product quality as the core, provides customers with high-quality full-process services of redrying processing, and strives to create a service brand of "customer needs, I will do it to meet the needs".

In order to further improve the quality of tobacco leaves, they insist on excellence, focus on the raw material processing needs of industrial enterprises, clarify ideas, find ways, and implement them in terms of equipment and facility guarantee, production control, technological innovation, processing quality, and professional team building, etc. The whole process of quality control from storage to finished product dispatch and transportation, adhere to the principle of "cherishing every piece of tobacco, refining every process, controlling every link, and improving the quality of every batch", and comprehensively improving the level of processing services.

Based on meeting the individual needs of industrial enterprises, Yunnan Tobacco Leaf Redrying Company closely focuses on high-quality development and tightens the quality control network. On the one hand, they strengthened the management of raw tobacco collection and storage, and implemented customized tobacco leaf sorting services; on the other hand, they focused on the needs of industrial sorting, and the two parties jointly determined the leaf selection plan. A multi-level inspection mechanism is implemented in combination with the operation process.

Since last year, Yunnan Tobacco Redrying Company has further strengthened the control of non-tobacco substances, focusing on the purification and removal of impurities in tobacco leaves, clarifying the hardware and software configuration requirements and process control procedures for debris control, refining control indicators, and revising and improving debris control in related links. technical standard.

The redrying plants brainstormed ideas to further improve the whole-process control mechanism for non-smoke substances.

Wenshan Redrying Plant promotes the innovation and application of the shared logistics model of replacing hemp flake packaging with frame bars in the circulation link of primary tobacco, and moves the frame bars used by threshing and redrying enterprises to the tobacco stations of upstream tobacco leaf planting companies for recycling and use, replacing them. The traditional hemp flake packaging saves the consumption of hemp flake resources and eliminates the risk of hemp silk mixing brought about by hemp flake packaging; Chuxiong Redrying Factory has successfully developed an electrostatic removal device for tobacco light impurities, which improves the removal efficiency of light impurities. Rebake and impurity removal technology has been optimized, and the level of debris control in the threshing and rebaking link has been further improved; Luliang Rebake Factory and Shizong Rebake Factory have established three-party finished product debris in the factory representative of industrial enterprises, production technology room, and production and processing workshop. On-site joint spot check and verification mechanism; Shilin Redrying Plant pays close attention to the key element of "people", prints the job number on the protective equipment, and counts them before and after work to improve workers' awareness of sundry prevention and control...

From the person in charge to the responsible department, Yunnan Tobacco Redrying Company has effective management, control and recruitment at all levels, and has achieved all-round prevention and control of quality risks in the process of threshing and redrying.

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