In "Do you really know the cross section of eggplant feet? ", we mentioned that from the cross section of the cigar, the cigar is not only round, but also square. So what is the difference between round and square cigars? Today we will take a closer look.

What is a square cigar?

The vast majority of cigars in the world are round, but there are differences in length and ring diameter, but round is not the whole of cigars, cigars also have square sections. There are two types of square cigars, die pressed (square cigars) and box pressed (box pressed cigars).

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The origin of box-pressed cigars is related to the transportation environment. In the 18th century, in order to facilitate transportation, Cubans needed to pack a large number of cigars in a fixed-size space. So they started to arrange the cigars a little more tightly when they were placed. This allows more cigars to fit in each box. Since these cigars are placed in a compact box, after a period of time, it will take on a square shape as the box is squeezed. Although this is only a small change in the packaging process, and the original intention is only to save transportation space, these cigars have gradually become popular and are loved by many cigars. It is said that at the time, the square cigars were popular with some sailors because they held more securely.

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Because box-pressed cigars are the natural shape of cigars that have been extruded for a long time in the box, from its cross-section, his square is not so pure, but shows rounded corners. It might even be hard to tell if it's a square cigar if it hasn't been stored long enough inside the box to distinguish it carefully.

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In addition to box-pressed cigars, there is also a pure square-shaped cigar, which was specially designed for those who like square-shaped cigars after the appearance of box-pressed cigars. This cigar is usually rolled into a specific shape and then pressed into a box-shaped cigar mold. This cigar is intentionally rolled into a square shape when it is rolled, so the edges and corners are distinct. Square cigars are rarely seen in the European and Asian markets, but they are more popular in the US market.

What's the difference?

Of course, cigars are usually round, which is the most natural shape of the cigar, and there is no additional cost to produce it. This cigar is also the most suitable shape for aging in a humidor, which can maintain the cigar's shape. There is also air movement in the pile. It can be said that round cigars are basically the default cigar shape, and most of the bundled and boxed cigars we can see now are round cigars.

When rolling box-pressed cigars and square cigars, the materials used are generally slightly different from normal cigars. In order to ensure that the wrapper will not break during pressing, they usually use less tobacco leaves and lighter weight than normal rolled cigars. in compression molding.


In general, box-pressed cigars tend to burn longer and may be slightly less dense than round cigars, but the difference is basically the same and difficult to perceive. From the coffee drinker's point of view, square cigars may be just a difference in visual preference, and the shape has little effect on flavor and taste. Of course, if you are traveling on a cruise ship, it is recommended to bring some square cigars, after all, cigars in this shape are not so easy to roll off the table.

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