1. What is reconstituted tobacco

  There are some misunderstandings about the paper-like tobacco in shredded tobacco on the Internet. First of all, we must understand what these are. The scientific name should be called "reconstituted tobacco by papermaking method".

  Reconstituted tobacco leaves are all processed from tobacco leaves, which is the reorganization of tobacco leaves. The tobacco leaves are soaked and extracted to separate the solid and liquid, and then the solids are made into a sheet base by referring to the papermaking process, and the extract is concentrated and blended and then coated and fed on the sheet base.

   2. The role of reconstituted tobacco

  The reconstituted tobacco leaves are reorganized and processed to have a loose structure, easy to burn, and can effectively reduce the release of tar and CO.

  Through the remanufacturing process, some unfavorable components are removed, which can enrich aroma substances and improve the quality of taste.

  Through the remanufacturing process, the quality and stability of tobacco leaves are well controlled, which has a good effect on the stability of product quality.

  Three, the application situation of reconstituted tobacco

Reconstituted tobacco has been widely used at home and abroad. Foreign reconstituted tobacco began to develop in the 1960s, and now 20-30% of cigarettes and cigars can be used. After nearly 10 years of technical research in China, it has gradually become a cigarette product with stable quality An important technical means to control and reduce tar.