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  It is hard to kick the habit of smoking, but herbal cigarettes will help you by gradually reducing tobacco intake while keeping the satisfying smoking process. It’s not just tobacco and nicotine intake that makes quitting hard but it is also the "hand to mouth motion". People have hard time quitting as they cannot stop the habit of "hand to mouth motion" associated with smoking. Also, for a daily smoker, cigarette smoking becomes part of daily routine and proves to be extremely diffucult to change the habit right away. allows for a gradual change which eventually can lead to absolute quitting.

With you still have the hand to mouth motion; you still light up; you still smoke, yet without tobacco and nicotine  ntake.






           【Chinese name】:茶烟

      【Product name】:Tea Smoke ,herbal cigarettes

      【Also known as】:Tea Cigarettes, Tea Cigarette,Tea Tobacco,herbal cigarettes

      【 Specifications】:20 cigarettes = 1 pack     10 packs = 1 carton

      【Main ingredients】: Tea, honey, chrysanthemum , mint,etc

      【The difference】: a non-tobacco product, no tobacco,no nicotine, no tar, a substitute for tobacco


      【Usage】:Smoking, tea, control smoking, replace cigarettes,quit smoking and as a gift to others



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